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Flammable Cabinets
SYSBEL Flammable Cabinets for storing flammable liquids(low and median flash point liquid, flash point<37.8℃), Reduce the risk of fire, to ensure the safety of life and property.
Corrosive Cabinets
SYSBEL Corrosive Cabinets for storing corrosive liquids,Apply to the LABS of colleges and universities, research institutes, etc.
Combustible Cabinets
SYSBEL Combustible Cabinets for storing paintings, oil and other flammable liquids(high flash point liquid, flash point≥37.8℃), Suitable for coating, printing, furniture, automobile and other industries.
Pesticides Cabinets
SYSBEL Safety Cabinets for Pesticides for storing insecticides, pesticides, disinfectors and other chemicals. Suitable for lawn care, golf course, farms, parks, amusement parks and other places.
Safety Cabinets
Safety Cabinets Fires instantly destroy everything you have ruthlessly, causing major casualties, property damage and other consequences. What helps to prevent and control fire hazards? Safe storage is a simple measure for avoiding risks. Chemicals classi
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